Do you ever feel like your wardrobe needs a little refresh? Instead of overhauling your entire closet, we have gathered some style tips that can help you update your wardrobe for the upcoming season.

Get it Tailored

Do not try to fuss with yourself to try and get a certain piece of clothing to fit, get it tailored! This is a tip that many celebrities use to get that ‘just made for me’ look with their outfits. Some ideas to tailor your clothes perfectly include pinching the waist, shorten jeans to more of a cropped style, or drop the hem on a skirt to make it a midi-length. Remember, not everything will fit your body perfectly, and that’s okay, a small alteration can go a long way and offer a totally different look.

Recycle & Repurpose

Look at your closet and think of all the potential your current clothes have. It may take some imagination (or a visit to Pinterest) but, using basic items to create different looks is one of our favorite ways to change up our look. Think of layering a maxi dress with a sweater on top, viola you have a maxi skirt combo! Another tip is when buying a new item, think about how you can style it in different ways. We like to aim for at least three outfits!

Get Creative with your Shopping

Try to expand your reach for shopping. We typically tend to go to our usual three or four stores when we are buying clothes, but think outside of the box! Is there a thrift store near by? Check it out! Love the oversized look when it comes to fashion? Look in the men’s section. White cotton t-shirts are a fashion staple, and you can get them at almost any fashion store.

What do you Love About Yourself? Now Work, it!

Do you have great legs? Or maybe you have spent some time toning your arms? Everyone has one part of their body they love, the key is to find a way to show it off in a stylish way! That is what good style is about, feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing, owning the look, and creating your signature style.

Find your Most Comfortable Items, and Style Them Around That

We love to look good, but we love being comfortable even more. Wearing something that looks great, but feels terrible is not fashion, it is unnecessary pain. Find styles you are comfortable in and feel confident in as well. For example, do you prefer a-line cuts? Or maybe straight-leg jeans? Once you have a list of styles, it is easy to keep an eye out and shop for them.